I am Michel Nivard a psychologist who works of epidemiology, psychiatric genetics and genetic epidemiology, and you can find most of my academic work on my Google Scholar profile.

This is the blog where I publish Michel’s Science Speedrun video’s or blog posts. Each blog post aabout an episode of ScienceSpeedrun accompanies a YouTube Video in which I discuss a scientific paper. I focus on three specific aspects of the paper: First, I try and convey the conceptual question being answered, then I go into detail on what research design and statistical methods are being used to answer the question, and finally we try and apply those methods ourselves.

If data and code are available we try and reproduce the authors results. This means we try and get to the results the authors present in the paper. We then try to apply some additional robustness check’s and alternative models if we can. Finally, if the right kind of data is available we try and replicate or generalize the result into other data sets or use alternative methods and outcomes in the same data set.